Pharmaceutical  Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry promotes the sustainable development in the vital field of medicines by boosting the quality producers and many units approved by regulatory authorities. Aditya Scientific offers varied solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories that are being used by top pharmaceutical companies in the world. Laboratory equipment Diaphragm pumps which are used for pharmaceutical purposes.

Chemical  Chemical

The Chemical industry could be an important contributor to the wealth of a rustic. Aditya Scientific provides a spread of established solutions for R&D, internal control and production. The industry requires a sustainable process which is safe and scalable. Diaphragm pumps are the one of the tools which is used in chemical industry for control and production

Food & Beverage  Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage Industry conjointly should alter their name, as there are incidents of unsafe food being discharged within the past. These outbreaks have 2 major potential consequences: loss of shopper confidence and augmented regulation, the only way companies can separate themselves from others is by brand recognition. Aditya Scientific offers classical reference strategies for food analysis together with a product Diaphragm pumps for testing processes.

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Aditya Scientific, a number one manufacturer of laboratory instrumentality(Diaphragm Pumps), was started within the year 2010.We are a Hyderabad, Asian country based mostly company that makes a speciality of producing laboratory instrumentality that is employed in Pharmaceutical and Chemistry analysis. Leading establishments like IITs, BITS, Major State Universities, Custom analysis Organizations, etc trust our instrumentality.


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AD2C pump is our initial and most well-liked chemistry diaphragm pump, and is at the heart of the Aditya pumping systems.The new options of autochthonic pumps are improved performance information and superior vapour tolerance. Diaphragms have particularly long lives and seal the drive house from the pumping chamber to shield mechanical elements from corrosion.


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AD2C pump is our first and most popular chemistry diaphragm pump, and is
at the heart of ADITYA pumping systems.

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The diaphragm pumps achieve distinctively high performance compared to other types of pumps because of high pumping chamber volume relative to the minimal dead space.

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