Laboratory Vacuum Pump

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Laboratory Vacuum Pump

The laboratory equipment vacuum pump is one of the best selling tools manufactured by Aditya Scientific. These are also essential for any laboratories working in cell cultures. Most Laboratory vacuum applications operate at partial vacuum levels between 1 Torr and 277 torr(29.88"HgV & 19"HgV). This pressure range is where most common lab applications operate and also represents the rough range of vacuum.

Few pumps have abrasion where as diaphragm vacuum pump has lack of abrasion. These pumps are designed in such a way that reduces the pressure within the system there by lowering the boiling point in the solvent.

Aditya Scientific is one of the companies in manufacturing laboratory vacuum pump. It is involved in manufacturing and designing chemical equipment, the foremost selling product of the company is diaphragm vacuum pumps. This pump is our best and most popular diaphragm pumps and this is the heart of the Aditya’s pumping systems.

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump