Weight 11.1 KG
Max Flow Rate 0.18 KW
Model AD2C / AD4C
Vacuum 9 mbar / 2 mbar

AD2C pump is our first and most popular chemistry diaphragm pump, and is at the heart of ADITYA pumping systems. The new indigenous pump features improved performance data and superior vapour tolerance. Diaphragms have especially long lives and seal the drive space from the pumping chamber to protect mechanical parts from corrosion.

Our diaphragm pumps are an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of corrosive gases and vapours. Chemically resistant and eco-friendly diaphragm pumps are resistant to aggressive solvents and acidic vapours which make them a handy product to use in chemically rich environments.

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The diaphragm pumps achieve distinctively high performance compared to other types of pumps because of high pumping chamber volume relative to the minimal dead space. The lack of abrasion also eliminates most particulate impurities that are frequently generated inside of other types of pumps such as scroll or piston pumps.